Monday, January 30, 2012

A Poem For My Sister

The second you walk into a room, everyone wants to be your friend.
It's like they know how awesome you are before they ever meet you.

Maybe it's because they can feel your warmth.
Like the sun gave you a little piece of itself to carry around.
I think that's it. Your smile could melt an iceberg.

Maybe they understand that you never have a mean word.
The sparkle in your bright blue eyes gives you away.
I think that's it. You see through the pain to the child inside.

Maybe they know that you say "Jeepers" and "Mothertrucker" because you would rather see people smile than say something offensive.
Your kindness and compassion is easy to feel.
I think that's it. You make people feel like they are important to you.

Even though you are more of a grown-up than I will ever be,
You'll always be my baby sister.

Mo, Mary, Kool Mo D, Mo Diggity,
You have become one of my greatest teachers. You inspire me everyday. Thanks for being you. You sniff farts!

Peace and Love,

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