Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The best routine is to have no routine at all

The transition to my new job has been interesting. I haven't waited tables for somewhere around five years and my body has forgotten what it was like to be on my feet for extended periods of time. I very simply haven't walked around for five or six consecutive hours for a very long time. And even though I have gotten back into a daily yoga practice, my body aches. My hamstrings are tight and sore when I wake up. My shoulders are sore and I find myself having to remind myself to roll my shoulder blades down my back. I have to be MUCH more aware of my posture. This is all weird to me. Is it possible that I have gotten so used to feeling great due to yoga and diet that I have forgotten what it is like to feel like shit? I'm thinking/hoping that this will only be temporary until I get used to being on my feet all the time again.

My old routine for dealing with all this was to go to work, make some dollars, American, then go out and get as wasted as possible before the bars closed. Go home to sleep. Wake up, repeat. I am certainly not going to fall back into that routine. My thought has been to avoid having a routine at all. Things will stay more interesting that way. It will allow me to be more present. It is far more difficult to worry about the future if you are uncertain of what the future will bring.

On that note, I decided to pick up a morning shift tomorrow (with the condition that I could come in late enough to get a yoga practice in beforehand). That's not selfish, is it? I scratch their backs, they scratch mine. Seems fair enough. Post it in the comments if you disagree. I haven't yet figured out how to post comments to my own blog, so I may not be participating in the discussion (or maybe I will be).

Peace and love,

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