Friday, September 16, 2011

Things that inspire me Part 1

Warning: This post will take about 45 minutes to get through if you are going to watch all the videos.

Spoken word poetry:

Sarah Kay happens to be one of my absolute favorite poets on the face of planet Earth. I have a huge internet crush on her and hope to be able to see her live at some point. Maybe I will go to NYC one day and see her at the Bowery Poetry Club (if ever in NYC, I will make it a point to go there).

This next one reminds me of my sister, who also inspires me, more than she will ever know. It is another piece by Sarah Kay.

This is Taylor Mali. He is a badass and makes me wish that I could be young enough to be in his class.

Next up is Buddy Wakefield. I saw him perform this piece live once whilst on mushrooms. There were two other performers with him at the time, but it was similarly moving and amazing. Also, it involves Sarah Kay (see above for my thoughts on Sarah). "Pretend you live for a living."

The last piece I will post this time is the piece that really made me interested in spoken word poetry and hip-hop. It is a piece called "Mullet" by a gentleman called Sage Francis. I have heard/read this piece called a lyrical history of hip-hop from (a year I forget) to (another year I forget). It is awesome as a spoken word piece, but it also has some absolutely sickeningly good beat boxing involved.

These are some of the pieces that I regularly go back to on youtube because they move me. I hope you liked at least one. If you feel like lovin' me, if you got the notion, send me a link in the comments!

Peace and love,

Bonus video because I love you all that read this.

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